Wednesday, November 27, 2013

$900.00 off your cell phone plan!!!

       How bad do you need that smart phone? I for one have wifi 90% of the time, the only time I don't have wifi is on the road! when I shouldn't be using it anyways. But I still have service for emergencies, I can call or text anytime and use the internet (up to 30MB). The only thing you are giving up is unlimited data, is it that bad to not be able to check face book on the road? Or receive an email on your commute to work? For a few of the important people out there it absolutely is, but I'm am referring to the majority of us. The majority of us that spend $105.00 a month on a smart phone, we don't need. The same smartphone that has built in wifi, and service is always available, just not unlimited data. 
          Listen it's simple get a prepaid phone for $30 per month, give up the unlimited data during your commute, save $75.00 a month and you get $900.00 a year. I can think of better ways to spend or invest that money each year, instead of driving and throwing $75.00 a month out the window on your way to work!