Saturday, November 23, 2013

Personal finances are like running a business

        If you owned a business and spent every penny you made, your business would be worth nothing. The same is true with your personal finances; you can't build an estate if you are not keeping any percentage of what you take in for yourself. The spending decisions you make much like a business must be a priority to the big picture. 

              Businesses don't waste money on frivolous purchases, each decision is carefully thought out seek return on investment. Return on investment can mean many things, buts it's not selfish, and ties directly to the big picture. Invest in essential needs including food, electricity, and clothes. Allocate some towards your future by starting a retirement, and protect your family with an insurance policy. But also invest in priorities that include relationships with good friends, your marriage, and family. Because the return you receive from those investments are far more valuable than any amount of money.